Edgar Allan Poe 's The Pit And The Pendulum

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Edgar Allan Poe has written many different stories and poems throughout his lifetime and the common themes of death, horror, and mystery help to prove him as a Gothic Literature writer. Many of his ideas came from his own life because he had a very hard life growing up involving a lot of death of loved ones. Throughout his stories, he has a common motif of suspense that help to exemplify the Gothic Literature sense. He also used a third person point of view very often as to help portray the horror in the stories and create more mystery which are common elements in Gothic Literature. Edgar Allan Poe uses his poor personal background, the motif of suspense, and the first person point of view to prove he is a Gothic literature writer through his short stories, “The Pit and the Pendulum”, and “The Tell Tale Heart”. Edgar Allan Poe had a very hard childhood growing up and it even extended into his adult life with his mother, stepmother, and wife all dying from Tuberculosis. Poe’s father also died when he was a child. Poe uses the fact that he had a poor childhood to create characters in “The Tell Tale Heart” with characteristics that show that Poe is a Gothic literature writer. As Sara Constantakis says, “Like his natural father, Poe was an alcoholic.” (Constantakis). The state of mind he was always in helped him to create the dark and mysterious characters that appeared in his stories. The characters in “The Tell Tale Heart” is in a crazy state of mind and shows elements of
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