Edgar Allan Poe 's The Raven

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While poetry is often thought of as the language of romance and love, there is a darker side of the art that is often not considered. Some poets throughout the centuries have mastered this more sinister side of poetry and used it to display the evils of humanity. Edgar Allan Poe, American Gothic poet, often wrote unsettling and dark poetry marrying the natural and supernatural in order to demonstrate difficult to grasp human emotions such as grief or depression. Poe’s The Raven is a powerful, yet dark piece of poetry that utilizes rhyme, meter, and symbolism to entertain fans of Gothic literature and completely pull them into the drama of the piece. In the opening stanzas of The Raven, Poe establishes the tone of the poem by introducing the speaker and setting the mood. The speaker, melodramatic and depressed, lounges in solitude on a dark and dreary night, reminiscing about his “lost Lenore” (Poe 10). The speaker never explicitly states the identity of Lenore or the nature of their relationship; however, it can be implied that they were close. The speaker describes Lenore with a fondness echoing that of a lover, referring to her as “the rare and radiant maiden” (Poe 11). Poe recognizes that many of his readers can empathize with the loss of a loved one, and builds his speaker’s ethos as well as appealing to pathos by introducing the speaker’s attachment to Lenore. Because experiences of love and loss are closely linked to emotion, it is impossible to separate the appeals

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