Edgar Allan Poe's Daughter Of The Forest

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"Daughter of the Forest" is an awe-inspiring, phenomenal book to read; there are certain books one takes timely bites out of and certain books one devours, and "Daughter of the Forest" is a book that would be 'devoured' by most people who read it. The best aspect of the book how there was more description than dialogue. Since Sorcha was not able to speak on her task, there were paragraphs upon paragraphs of only her thoughts. These thoughts varied from each of her brothers, to her father, to her damaged hands and how much they meant to her, and to the destruction of her innocence. This description really allowed the readers to feel Sorcha's pain throughout her journey, which made the book all the better. For example, Sorcha had to leave her brothers' love and care since they turned into swans. Her being away from them for so long deeply hurt Sorcha.…show more content…
It was as if the author purposely emphasized both their bond in the beginning and Sorcha's loneliness throughout the book to really get to the reader. If this was the case, then it worked. I enjoyed reading about the way they all played, laughed, danced, fought, and resolved their problems. The bond that these seven siblings had was beyond beautiful, and having that being taken away in the story was like throwing Sorcha's heart away, and my own too. This was one of the aspects of the book I kept thinking about for days. Also, with the heavy description in the book, I was very deep into the setting of Sorcha and her people. It was as if the story was real as I was reading, even though the genre for the book is fantasy. I adore books that really take the reader into the setting like this and recommend "Daughter of the Forest" to anyone who likes an occasional escape from
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