Edgar Allan Poe's Sorrows

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Poe’s sorrows. Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the greatest of his time. He lived with his parents No sooner than his father had left his mother passed. She died from tuberculosis at the mere age of twenty four. Poe and his siblings were by her side until her last breath. He later became the dependent of John Allan of Richmond, Virginia hence Allan being Poe’s middle name. The Allans were quite fond of young Poe as they had no children. Frances Allan was very motherly and nurturing towards Poe which was unfamiliar to him (Meltzer). At the age of five he began his schooling with a private tutor. He soon had a keen ear for music and was able to recite English poems. He would sparsely see his brother and sister from time to time. At…show more content…
This alluded to the things Poe did in his own personal life. From his falling out with his adopted father to his drinking ways. The darkness that both the character from the story possesses is evident in Poe’s persona. After careful planning the main character managed to kill the old man. He however goes through a bout of hallucinations per se. Edgar Allan Poe. His life, work and death. I. Introduction II. Early life A. Family background (Walsh) B. Death of his mother C. His father’s departure III. Adolescent years A. Attends the University of Virginia B. Enlists in the U.S army (Lange) IV. Career beginnings A. Publication of his first book 1. Tamerlane and Other Stories (1827) (Meltzer) 2. Published his second book V. Adulthood 1. Dismissed from West Point 2. Became editor of the Literary Messenger Magazine (Ackroyd) 3. Marriage VI. Major works A. Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque 1. The Fall of the House of Usher 2. Ligeia 3. William Wilson 4. The Raven VII. Untimely death Annotated bibliography Meltzler Milton. “Edgar Allen Poe”. A Biography. (2003); 5-98. This book details the life of the late Edgar Allan Poe and his achievements. Meltzer takes readers on a detailed journey of Poe’s life. Most of the aspects of his life shows how much of a great poet he was. The author uses words to paint a very interesting era
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