Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Heart and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Speckled Band

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Edgar Allan Poe's Tell Tale Heart and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Speckled Band

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe, both authors who are eminent for the content of their stories, wrote about crime. Though they invented stories concerning crime, they both wrote through different perspectives. This essay is going to compare how the characters of both stories, 'Tell Tale Heart' written by Poe, and 'The
Adventure of the Speckled Band' written by Doyle, have been portrayed differently by their authors as well as exploring into the language style of the two stories.

The historical backgrounds of both authors have influenced the way their stories are written.

Poe was seen to have an unstable life as his
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He died in Baltimore in 1849, due to drug overdose. Admittedly a failure in most areas of his personal life, he was recognized as an unusually gifted writer and was admired by
Dostoevsky and Baudelaire, even if not always appreciated by many of his other contemporaries. Due to the changes in occupation and other factors, his stories tended to be more emotive than usual.

Doyle was born in year 1859, in Edinburgh. He studied medicine at
Edinburgh, but poverty as a medical practitioner made him turn to writing. In 1887, his first book, 'A Study in Scarlet' introduced the vigilant, deductive Sherlock Holmes, his good-natured question-raising friend, Dr Watson, and the whole apparatus of detection mythology associated with Baker Street, Holmes's fictitious home. This was well appreciated and the fact that his life was more stable compared to
Poe, his stories tended to be not as emotive but logical. He decided to kill his main character, Sherlock Holmes, in 1901, but was compelled to revive him in 1903 due to the protest grounds breaking, and this showed how strong the detective story genre was. Doyle died in 1930.

The main characters of 'The Case Of Identity,' are Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson. Holmes is a detective who deciphers the cases submitted to him and is seen through the view of Watson, his ardent partner.
Through out the story, Watson is
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