Edgar Allan Poe's Use Of The Emotive Language In The Baker

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The prose extract, ‘The Baker’ is presented as an omniscient, third person narrative perspective. Consisting of intricate detail and emotive language for the purpose of implying meaningful, yet effective language providing a sense of involvement in the text. the general content of the passage revolves around the daily experiences of a baker and his interactions with his customers. The passage displays a moody and contrasting theme which commences with a sorrowful and empathetic theme which progressively elevates to a satisfied and proud atmosphere and tone. The various and vast amount of literary device implemented throughout the passage embody; emotive language, alternative forms of imagery, soliloquy, similes, flashback and finally syntax,…show more content…
it reveals that he has no children nor a wife. which may prove to be difficult living a life of hard work with a lack of love and support around him. This may be perceived from the passage where he states that he told them what it was like to be childless all these years and when the baker began to speak of loneliness that had come to him in his middle years. the use of emotive language also effects the tone which has a direct impact on the mood. in this section of the passage it adversely implies a dark theme of loneliness and mournful for the lonely soul. However, as the passage progresses an apparent shift in atmosphere arises. the mood of the passage begins to become more melodious and cheerful as the baker begins to realise that he has a necessary trade which brings countless cherished memories to his…show more content…
This literary device equips the reader with a sense of virtual reality identical to the scene described by the author. it allows the reader to have a more complex, realistic and tangible experience whilst perusing the extract. in a sense the beauty and lure of the story is liberated whence the appropriate terminology and literary devices are applied. thus allowing the reader to experience the full potential of the articulated scene. A sentence from the passage satisfying the visual imagery technique is, “icing knuckle deep,” which portrays a rich description of the scene in the readers mind with intricate detail to ensure no misconception is present, concerning what the author is attempting to proclaim. one may be able to visualise via the use of their imagination as the bakers rough hands are ploughed into the dough whilst kneading it. hence the powerful sentence “icing knuckle
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