Edgar Allen Poe: A Delirious Mind

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Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most descriptive writers known today. His works have been intriguing people since he began writing. The depth Edgar puts into his characters and settings is something people crave. The mysterious aspects of his stories immediately seize the readers’ attention. Edgar Allen Poe’s writing depth was affected by his drug and alcohol abuse. Edgar Poe was born on the 19th of January in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to Elizabeth and David Poe (Quinn 30). Both Elizabeth and David were actors in Boston at the time they met. They had gotten married fairly young, but they waited several years before having a child. Elizabeth could not preform when she was pregnant, but as soon as Edgar was born she was back on…show more content…
Some of Edgar’s main characters smoked opium. Poe would have had to smoke opium also, in order to be inside of the mind of his characters, and make them believable because his stories were written in first person. Edgar had almost no resistance to alcohol and often became unreasonable and aggressive (Mondragon). Edgar tried to move on from Virginia’s death, he started seeing other women, and he soon fell in love again. Edgar’s lover promised she would marry him on one condition, if Edgar quit drinking (Silverman). Discovery’s Curiosity website states, “If a person tries to stop drinking suddenly, withdrawal symptoms of delirium tremens (DT’s), hallucinations, nausea, and seizures can result.” Those symptoms also relate back to his writing. Most of Edgar’s ideas could have only come from hallucinations and delirium tremens, which causes mental system, changes, often causing confusion. The wildness of his stories could not be thought of with a sober mind. Edgar did not last long on his word to his fiancé, she soon found him drunk, violating the terms of engagement the wedding was cancelled (Silverman). Edgar even joined an Alcoholics Anonymous type group in order to try and kick his habit (Mercier). This caused more alcohol and drug abuse due to depression. As the alcohol continued to flow, Edgar continued to write. His writing proceeded to get popular, so he began

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