Edgar Allen Poe And King

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Casandra Crawford Mrs. Dean English 11 March 14, 2015 Poe and King What is thought of when the word ‘Horror’ is said. One would usually think of a scary clown, an ax murderer, and demons. Many minds would wander over to the brilliant horror author, Stephen King, and his many wondrous villains. Many intellectuals would have briefly wandered over to Edgar Allen Poe, and his gift to entice the readers into his stories. Poe and King are both monarchs of the Horror genre and it would be very easy to contrast the two icons. Many wouldn’t think that with King’s homicidal monsters, and with Poe’s causing his characters ' self-conflict, that the two iconic authors are in any ways similar to one another. Poe lived a melancholy life: His mother died of tuberculosis, his foster father openly thought he was not worth a penny, he got himself kicked out of the Military College, his wife Virginia also died of the same disease that claimed his parents ' lives and then later dying himself behind a bar with no clear reason on how he died. ( Childhood, Poe ) It is no wonder that Poe wrote his stories to vent out his pain and frustrations. He often wrote stories that included subtle clues to his life. In one example, Berenice, he wrote about a man who was engaged to his cousin and had an unhealthy obsession with her teeth as she succumbs to a deadly disease. ( Writer, Poe ) Minus the unhealthy obsession with teeth, the man who married his cousin who was dying of a deadly disease could be argued
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