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Edgar Allen Poe Edgar Allen Poe: A Brilliant Writer

Edgar Allen Poe was one of the most brilliant writers of the nineteenth century. His short stories and poems consist of horror, mortality, romantic struggle, and psychological concept. Poe’s tales labeled him as a master in his study of instability of self-control, the restrain of emotion, and access of feeling. His literary works were based on his personal background; therefore, many have similar characteristics.

Poe was a manic depressant, and frequently wrote while under the influence of morphine and alcohol. Poe gives an example of his influenced writing in the story Ligeia. The story portrays Ligeia and her husband as opium addicts (Bonaparte, 236).
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For example, The Raven portrayed a man mourning over his lost wife, Lenore. Other critics believe his thoughts on romance are based on the women that were involved in his lifetime. For instances, To Helen 1831, could define the relationship between Poe and his foster mother (Davidson,32). The eye is a horrific symbol in some of Poe’s stories. Poe’s focus of the cat’s eye in The Black Cat was to show the insanity of the husband. Maybe Poe uses the focus of the eye because the eye is considered to be a window to our soul (Rose). Most of his stories have a continual motive of obsessive-compulsive behavior. For instance, the narrator in the Tell Tale Heart was obsessed with " the beating of the hideous heart!" Or in the Black Cat the character was obsessed with the killing the cat. In both of those stories the narrators was not afraid of the police, yet their presence made the characters lose their insanity. That is a characteristic of someone that is compulsive, and will act without thinking of the consequences.

Poe’s characters often recall visions that they see in dreams. Edward Davidson acknowledges, “ Poe sets forth the dream not as a refuge from the world’s chiding, but as the region of understanding and “truth” of which this known world is a mere shadow”(Davidson 11). Poe rarely expresses

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