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E.A. Poe became the father of modern day detective stories by introducing Dupin in "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" as the first detective to use analytical and imaginative reasoning to solve the mystery and will create a guideline for all detective stories to come. The word "detective" was not in existence until Poe's writings. Mysteries had existed but never such a story that used a "detector" or placed such emphasis upon analysis versus trial and error. The vivid painting of the scene of the crime as well as the crime itself was likewise never done in writings until Poe.

Poe was fascinated with puzzles, word games and secret codes. (Pos-Ho pg 1333) Poe expresses this fascination through his writings to dazzle his readers. Poe
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(Woeller, Waltraud pg 130) They pack the story with non-clues that may or may not be important to the story. These clues paint the mood for the reader and can lead the reader astray to believe that the answer to the case is something entirely different. This is what Poe is known for. He puts clues in his stories that have entirely nothing to do with solving the case. For instance in the story he puts an iron chest under the bed that has been open. One might think that the chest had something of value and that is what the cause for intrusion was. Another is the foreign tongue that the observers heard. Dupin suggests that they were not words at all but that of an animal. By this time the reader is torn as to which way the story is going they must read on to comprehend the true meanings.

Dupin was the first detective to be none police and brings the question how can a simple man unravel what a trained police force can't. Dupin does not conform his methods to what the obvious maybe but allows him to create the scene in order to solve the crime. Dupin allowed himself to be out of the box and studies the signs and uses his ability to think in the mind of human behavior of the individual. When Dupin hears of the murders he starts compiling all of the information that others had heard. While the police think there are not enough clues to find the culprit Dupin knows there are plenty of

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