Edgar Allen Poe, My Hero And This Is Why

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Edagr Allen Poe is my hero and this is why. He has been an not so liked person when he was alive and even after death he still isn’t that liked. People only know him as the guy who wrote stories that were creepy. Some people think that he had a lot of problems. Some people thought that he had done drugs and alcohol. One of his qoutes were “Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence”- Edgar Allen Poe (Giordano). I never knew that quote before, but when I read it I understood what he was saying. People call him crazy for the stories he wrote but he is very intelligent. He showed us he thoughts of life and we took it as he was crazy. We didn’t understand his point of…show more content…
When he was young his father left him and his mother died of tuberculosis. The Allan family adopted him. That is how we know him as Edgar Allan Poe but “he rarely used his guardian 's name. He almost always signed himself "Edgar A. Poe." (Silverman). He went to school and he got into gambling. He had been into debt and Mr. Allan and Edgar got into many fights. That he ended up moving to his aunt and cousin’s house. He later married his cousin Virginia. He wrote for magazines and wrote and he wrote stories for entertainment. His wife had passed away from tuberculosis “in 1847, Poe was devastated and started drinking heavily. She may be the inspiration for Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee”. Still other people think that is was made for someone else. There are theories like Annabel Lee was his girlfriend of his that had died. Even though he was very depressed and had an alcohol problem he didn’t stop writing. He even critiqued people’s writing it was sometimes was good but also bad. He also always looked his best. People said that “His manner was gracious and refined.” (Robinson). That is why it was weird when he died. He was dressed in different clothes and he looked terrible. Till this day know one knows why he died. There are theory’s but know one knows why he was in different clothes or in a ditch. Some people think that he was drugged and others think their theories but sadly know one will know the truth of what happened. He also was engaged to an old friend of his. Since he
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