Edgar Allen Poe and His Dark Stories

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Edgar Allen Poe, an amazing writer and poet, known for his dark themes and use of literary elements. Many individuals read his stories and poetry, but do not know who Edgar Allen Poe is, aside from being a writer and poet. They also do not know why he wrote this way. The amount of time it took for him to be able to publish his first book or how sad he felt when his wife died, people do not know these things. These are the events that helped him become so determined and write so sorrowfully. Edgar Allen Poe is a famous writer and poet. He was born January 19th, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe grew up with foster parents since his mother had died in 1811, while he was only two years old. Edgar Allen Poe used to be only Edgar Poe until he was adopted by the Allen's who added that to his name. In 1827 he wrote his first book called “Tamerlane and other poems,” which soon got published. That same year, he joined the army since he does not have any money to support himself. Edgar Allen Poe uses a variety of literary elements in his stories and poems. A few of these literary elements include: Enargia, Symbolism, Anadiplosis, and Unreliable narrator. Enargia is a vivid description of something, he uses this in his poem “The Bells.” Symbolism is the use of an object to symbolize a meaning, feeling, or event. He uses symbolism in his story “The Tell Tale Heart.” Finally, there is Anadiplosis. Anadiplosis is when the last word (Or words) of a sentence is used as
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