Edit/Revised One Introduction Many Scholars characterize the core qualities and skills necessary

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Edit/Revised One Introduction Many Scholars characterize the core qualities and skills necessary for an effective leader. Useem defines leadership as “Creating a vision and translating that vision into actions”. Historically, an effective leader was assumed to be exceptionally knowledgeable, authoritative, and dominate. Those leaders applied the command and control method to lead an organization. With the passage of time, this definition has been changed. The modern definition of an effective leader is honest, courageous, trustworthy, inspirational, and result-oriented. Today’s leaders create shared values and vision, and empower others to achieve their targets. In addition, an effective leader is always confident and creates shared sense…show more content…
By knowing yourself better, you can choose a satisfying career or occupation field; for instance, a person is passionate about arts but gets a degree in business. This would be a total waste of time and resources. Such person will never be happy with his/her decision and might not be able to achieve goals. Assessing one’s one identity is important for long term success. Basically, self-assessment is the creation of vision and mission for one’s future. Dr. Covey said “everything is created twice, first mental and then physical creation” (Covey, 2004). All big achievement were once some one’s ideas and then they transformed those ideas into actions, and it turned into reality. When we write personal mission and vision statements, we begin with the end in mind. Our mission and vision serves as the constitution in our lives. Creating personal mission and vision is not easy; it requires intensive hard work to identify priorities and goals. Problem/Issues Benjamin Franklin said, “There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and knowing one’s self (Ferrante, 2013). To begin with, I always feel that I do not have a clear path. Without mission and vision statement, I will not be able to quantify my purpose in life and neither I will be able to achieve it. Due to vague purpose and mission, sometimes I apply for different jobs such as, marketing, social worker, councilor, business
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