Edith Cavell: A Biography

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Edith Cavell (MLA) Edith Cavell (Order #A2097336) On October 12, 1915, Edith Cavell, an English nurse working for the Red Cross, was taken to the Belgian National Rifle Range and executed by a German firing squad. She had been found guilty of aiding British servicemen who had fallen behind enemy lines when the Germans overran Belgium during the early stages of World War I. During her interrogation, Edith Cavell naively confessed her guilt to her German captors, which provides an insight into the kind of person she was. Edith Cavell was a woman to was completely devoted to caring for others without any thought to herself; and in the end it cost her dearly. The daughter of an English clergyman, Edith Cavell entered the world in 1865 and spent her childhood living in a family which was headed by an extremely frugal father completely devoted to the service of others. Edith's father, Frederick, was a strict puritan who sacrificed a great deal for his parishioners, for instance, he often took his family out to give their food to those who were in greater need. It was from her father that Edith would inherit her compassion and devotion to the care of others, leading her to a career as a governess with a family in Brussels, Belgium. However, she was forced to leave this post in the spring of 1895 when her father became ill and needed her to care for him. "Edith performed so capably that the Reverend Cavell returned to his church full-time by early autumn." (Batten 15) Edith's

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