Edith Wharton

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Biographical Summary Edith Wharton lived a very interesting life. She had grown up in a relatively high class family. She had some trouble in her relationship though. Most of her novels are written about her past life experiences. Although she did have challenges to face, Edith Wharton ended up extremely well. On January 24, 1862, Edith Wharton was born in New York City. Her parents are George Fredric Jones and Lucretia Stevens Rhinelander. They were descents from English and Duitch colonists who made money banking, real estate, and shipping. She has two brothers, Frederic Rhinelander and Henry Edward. The family moved to Spain for about a year and then moved to Pairs. Summer of 1870, they moved to Germany, and there Edith got typhoid…show more content…
Even though some people may like her or not, she still has remained a great American writer for many years. In Edith Wharton’s autobiography, one of her friends, Walter Berry, had said that her book The Age of Innoncence was good but they “are the only people who will ever read it. [They] are the last people left who can remember New York and Newport as they were then, and nobody else will be interested” (Wharton 369). I completely disagree with Walter Berry. Her novel became a huge hit and many people had read it. She was the first women to win a Pulitzer Prize for this novel. This novel was one of her best pieces of work ever written. Even though people did not grow up in that time period and in that exsact area, some people can relate. Some people live in a society, even now, that is very strict and wants everyone to be perfect. Also, people do not even have to be able to relate to the situation to enjoy the novel. Many people even now say that this is one of their favorite novels she has written. This novel helped her become the historian she is today. Another source said that the novel “was as much about the sexual propriety and financial rectitude of her parents' age as it was about their aversion to the uglier side of life”. (“Wharton, Edith”). I agree with this statement. This novel was about the olden age. It was about how you can look two ways on life. In the novel you got to see two sides of people. One side was a dreamy yet refined
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