Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator Essay example

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Editing, Cinematography, and Sound in Gladiator

The film that I have chosen to analyse is Gladiator. I have chosen to analyse the scene where the gladiators are battling in the Middle East. The scene contains many features and editing techniques which make the fight sequence exciting and thrilling. The scene begins with a medium high angle shot of a goat with blood dripping down its body. This shot frames the body of the goat and gives it a sense of vulnerability. The shot creates meaning to the viewer who can predict that the scene might contain violence or bloodshed of some sort. The camera then zooms outward into an establishing shot to give the viewer an idea of the setting. The mise en
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The lighting is very low key and most of the light filters from the roof, overhead. The overhead lighting dominates the gladiatorÂ’s faces and brings out their facial features. This effect shows the faces of the gladiatorÂ’s and their anticipation of the battle which is about to commence. Non diegetic orchestral music starts to begin once more building the tension. The camera then cuts into a close up of every gladiator whilst moving slowly to the side where it stops and gives us a side view shot of the gladiatorÂ’s showing in detail their facial expressions. This is where the dialogue of the main character begins and the camera moves slowly to a medium low angle shot, thus giving the character a sense of authority. The character speaks slowly and when he accentuates an important point the camera moves to a close up of the main character of the film (Russell Crowe), showing the viewer his feelings and his anticipation. In the background there is the external diegetic sound of the crowd chanting, kill, kill, kill. This along with the orchestral music sounds like a heart beat as there is a short pause between every chant. Again the heart beat sound reiterates the anticipation of the gladiators; this is effective as it makes the scene more exciting and exhilarating to watch. The mimic of the heart beat and chanting are

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