Editing Theory Of Hannah And Her Sisters

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Aaron Texeira
Editing Theory
Shaaron Murphy

Editing Theory of Hannah and Her Sisters
By Aaron Texeira

A thanksgiving dinner marks the time for Hannah “Mia Farrow”, her younger sisters Lee “Barbara Hershey” and Holly “Dianne Wiest” and the men in their lives. Lee who has an affair with Hannah 's husband Elliot “Michael Caine”. Holly who has a unsuccessful acting career and who is always financially depended on Hannah, until she finds Mickey “Woody Allen”. Hannah and her sisters have a real time feel to the pacing, even though it is hard to tell who the protagonist in the beginning, we do realize that the five major character are entwine with each other. The way the movie was filmed and edited, reinforces the notion that all the characters are important. For example in the first opening scene Hannah and Holly talk as they setup the table and the only cut in the mise en scene happens when April enters, but then when Aprils moves to the table, the camera pans to reframe all the characters instead of using reaction shot and cut to close-up, mid shots that cut back and forth between character, Susan E.morris uses fairly less edit cuts to portray her characters. Especially when her characters are not moving on screen, the camera always keeps them in on screen always together in a balanced aesthetic frame but when they do move, the camera pans again. For example at dinner we see one long shot, as Hannah and her parent give a brief speech, this style is repeated…
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