Editorial: TV's Focus on Childhood Obesity Hits Home

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Editorial: TV's focus on childhood obesity hits home One of the most controversial issues of recent date is that of how to treat America's obesity epidemic. The increased rate of obesity amongst children is particularly alarming. Children are beginning to develop diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses linked to weight gain at very high rates. Given this concern, many solutions have been proposed. Some have suggested bringing back mandatory PE; others have suggested improving children's diets within the public school system and banning fast food-related advertising on the airwaves. However, in a personal essay for the LA Times entitled "TV's focus on childhood obesity hits home," television critic Mary McNamara suggests that this obsessive focus on outer, environmental issues ignores the psychological factors that contribute to obesity. "Here is what I know about being a fat kid: It is at least as much about your head as it is about what you put in your mouth" (McNamara 2012: 1). McNamara ironically calls herself a kind of pioneer, a fat kid even before the nation became obsessed with children's burgeoning waistlines she was fat before high fructose corn syrup (a common sugary additive blamed for obesity) became common in processed food and fat before marketing to children, fast food in school lunches, and a lack of physical activity. She was even fat before fat kid's clothes became widely available. She was fat, she says, because, quite plainly and simply, compared

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