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EDLHODM Assignment 1 Unique code: 856329 Karin Gertze 45064423 Table of Contents 2 Page: Introduction_____________________________________________3 Question 1 Learner motivation_______________________________________3 Communication__________________________________________4 Interpersonal relations between learners and the educator_________5 The maintenance of discipline______________________________6 My classroom discipline policy_____________________________7 Question 2______________________________________________8 Bibliography____________________________________________9 Introduction 3 My main focus will be on the elements that contribute to effective classroom management and include learner…show more content…
However many learners do not possess this aspect and as educators we must focus on how best to create intrinsic motivation ability in learners. Intrinsic motivation is often linked to confidence and self-esteem. Learners may be confident in some areas of their lives or academics and less confident in others. Learners are often confident in areas where they excel or succeed and the reality is that most learners who continuously fail in certain areas will eventually give up believing it is better not to try at all rather than face the disappointment of failure. 4 When working on creating intrinsic motivation the learner’s belief in their own abilities is key. It is important to not over focus on negative aspects but to refocus on the learner’s potential and strengths and build on them [Boric: 24]. Help the learner to identify their strengths and their weaker points. Help the learner understand that all people have struggle in some areas and excel in others and that life is about rising to the challenges we have. Ask the learner to help you work out a plan or strategy to improve their weaker points. For example: A learner that struggles with reading comprehension can draw up the following plan.     Read through the text and list the words that I don’t understand. Look up these words in a dictionary and reread the text Ask classmates or even parents

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