Edmond Kemper: Nurture or Nature

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Blake David
Don Carey
English 1301-23
September 1st, 2015
Killing: Nurture or Nature?
Sometimes considered disgusting, cruel, terrible, or unforgivable, serial killers could arguably have a reason for their madness. Beaten as a child, raped, or even for left to die could spark what could soon become disastrous. Some serial killers do it for the fun of it, but for the most part they do it because of a poor childhood and upbringing. This is what some believe to be the reasons for the killings done by The Coed Killer, Edmond Kemper. After his conviction of killing ten people, prosecutors then found the real reason of the horrific murders. Seen as a gentle giant by some, Kemper was all but that.
Kemper was born in Burbank, California,
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These murders led to the similar murders of Aiko Koo, Cindy Schall, Rosalind Thorpe, and Alice Liu. As random as all of these terrible murders seemed, Kemper was leading up to his biggest, and closest to heart, murder yet.
Good Friday, 1973, Kemper planned on waiting for his mother to come home from a party, but accidently fell asleep. He was awakened by the sound of his mother in another room. He then entered her room to find her sitting in bed reading a paperback book. She saw him walk in and said, “I suppose you’re going to want to sit up all night and talk now,” to which he replied, “No, good night,” and beat her to death with a claw hammer. He decapitated her then used her head for sex and a dart board. Once he was done with her, he called her friend, Sally Hallett, over to the house. Upon arrival Kemper strangled her and left the scene and evidence behind. The entire time Kemper was planning and performing the murder of his mom, the memories of the abuse, humiliation, and unfairness that his mother had left him were stuck in his head. His mother had left a permanent scar on young Kemper’s ego which led to his horrific murders.
A poor and abusive childhood for Kemper resulted in an unexpected anger and violence towards women. Like most serial killers, until Kemper was arrested and had time
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