Edmund Booth

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Edmund Booth was an extraordinary man, especially considering the difficult pioneer era he lived in. He was born in Chicopee, Massachusetts on August 24, 1810. On March 8th, 1815, at the age of four, Edmund contracted meningitis, and was not expected to survive this horrible disease. After being very ill for three months, to the surprise of many, Edmund survived. Unfortunately, the meningitis cost him his hearing (slight hearing left in one ear), and the sight in one eye. By age eight, his remaining hearing in the one ear had dissipated, and he was now profoundly deaf. Although he was now disadvantaged in a time when disadvantaged people didn’t fare well, he once again proved everyone wrong, by becoming one the most functional people…show more content…
The content of Edmonds writings clearly showed his above average education, passion for reading, and concerns for proper education for the deaf. Around 1830, Edmund was invited to be a temporary teacher at the American School for the Deaf, as the current teacher had become ill. His first class contained four girls and eleven boys. One of the students was named, Mary Ann Walworth. Mary Ann was a cute young teenager that also became deaf due to spotted fever. Mary Ann left quite an impression on her young teacher. Edmund now age 21, six foot and three inches tall, and built like a horse, was a strapping figure of a man. In the fall of 1831 Edmund became a full-time instructor at the American School for the Deaf. Unfortunately, Edmond was struggling to survive on his teacher’s salary. In time, Edmund because disillusioned by his financial struggles and low salary and decided it was time to leave. During Edmund’s travels to find himself he settled in Amanosa, Iowa. This is where Edmund founded the, Iowa School for the Deaf. Additionally, this is where he came across the young deaf student that caught his eye in his previous classroom, Mary Ann Walworth. In time, they dated, married, and began a family. Edmund never thought he would leave his family. However, the “gold fever” struck, and the adventurer in him wanted to leave so he could provide a better life for his family. On May 9th,
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