Edmund Burke Oakeshott And The Intellectual Roots Of Modern Conservatism

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Student ID: 216085988 Soranya Fidge AIP116 Visions and Values in Politics Due: 29th of August 11:59pm Conservatism is any political philosophy that favors tradition (various religions, cultural or nationally defined beliefs and customs) in the face of external forces for change, and is critical of proposals for major social change. Some Conservatives seek to preserve the status or to reform society slowly, while others seek to return to the values of an earlier time. (, 2016) Burke, Oakeshott and the Intellectual Roots of Modern Conservatism explores Edmund Burke and Michael Oakeshott’s ideologies on conservatism, they are commonly tied together by politicians wanting to identify…show more content…
He defines conservatism as being a situational ideology. He believes that conservatism as reactions to certain types of challenges, especially between people of different classes. (Wikipedia, 2016) In his book The Reactionary Mind he goes through the history of conservatism. Robin Corey often argued that conservatism in the modern times are more focused around the preservation of power, which finds struggles against change in certain issues like labor movements and feminism. (,…show more content…
Though Burke, Oakeshott and the Intellectual Roots of Modern Conservatism was easier to follow compared to The Reactionary Mind as it was written in more simple terms that everyday people could easily understand. Burke, Oakeshott and the Intellectual Roots of Modern Conservatism was great in the sense that she had linked the similarities in Burke and Oakeshotts theories Robin Corey shed a lot of light on the conduct of todays politics as he addressed recent issues and questioned them, as to why they happened the way they did and he in a certain way challenged their ideas. He also explored certain issues that have occurred in the past such as the Black Freedom movement, the French and Bolshevik Revolution, gay rights and civil rights. His idea it seems is to reveal the ideologies flaws through arguments and
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