Essay on Edmund Emil Kemper III

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Have you ever wondered what makes a serial killer tick and sets them off? What makes them want to kill and what is their drive to continue this horrible, sickening journey through their life or what was the cause for them to change their nature in life and create them into these monsters that we see them as today. It takes tragic experiences to cause that like abuse whether it is verbal, physical, or even sexual to cause a sense of damage to a person’s mind and disrupt their ability to comprehend what is sane and not. Well, Edmund Emil Kemper III had all of the makings of becoming a serial killer due to his troubled childhood. He was born in Burbank, California on December 18, 1948 and was the son of Edmund Emil Kemper, Jr. and Clarnell…show more content…
Clarnell was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which caused her to make the decision of him to live with his paternal grandparents in North Folk, California on a ranch. His grandfather bought him his first rifle which was a .22 caliber that he would use to shoot birds and other small creatures. Age 15, he commits his first two murders of both of his grandparents. He shot his grandmother, Maude Kemper, while she was sitting in the dining room finishing up on her latest child’s book and then stabbed her. He then shot his grandfather in the head because he knew what the consequences would have been if he had seen his wife’s body. He then called his mother and asked what to do and she told him to call the police so he did. Edmund waited for the police and when brought in for questioning, he told them “I wanted to know what it felt like to kill grandma”. Edmund also stated that he didn’t really like her and that he thought she was senile because she emasculated both him and his grandfather. Afterwards, he was admitted to Atascadero State Hospital. While there, he befriended a psychologist and even became his assistant while attending the institution. Atascadero also revealed that Edmund had an I.Q. of 136 and eventually once an adult, it had grown to 145 showing that he is very intelligent. Edmund was a patient to the
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