Edna Pontellier’s Fall from Grace in Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Edna’s Fall from Grace in The Awakening In the novel The Awakening, Kate Chopin tells of Edna Pontellier's struggle with fate. Edna Pontellier awakens from a slumber only to find that her life is displeasing, but these displeasing thoughts are not new to Edna. The actions taken by Edna Pontellier in the novel The Awakening clearly determine that she is not stable. The neglect of her duties as a wife and mother and as a woman of society are all affected by her mental state. Her choices to have affairs and disregard her vow of marriage represent her impaired judgment. The change in her attitude and interests becomes quite irresponsible, and that change along with her final decision to commit suicide tell the reader that Edna…show more content…
Her disposition clearly affects their lives on a regular basis. Edna Pontellier defies her husband and is ready to depart from her children at any time. Counseling of some sort for her temperament might encourage her to put her family's needs before herself. She constantly enjoys her freedom and abandons her responsibilities, displaying a childlike ideal of reality. Edna frequently likes to be alone throughout the novel. She mentions feeling caged and sets out to free herself by moving to another house, when, contrary to her immature thoughts, she is still very much in the same predicament. These actions do not help Edna to better her condition. The lows manic depressives experience can be detrimental, and by placing herself in an isolated atmosphere, she is making her problem greater: But alone Edna is prey to suicidal thoughts, the voices which distort the victim's choices and exaggerate her plight. Edna's idea in her last moments that her children are "antagonists" whom she must "elude" is patently irrational behavior, for her progeny have given her little trouble and seem her happiest links to life. But for her at this moment they represent the powers arrayed against her. (Franklin 526) Clearly Edna Pontellier is an unstable woman. She is unable

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