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Ours is a growing and wonderful community. With growth, however, come greater challenges and even greater opportunities. Our community consists of many people from many different cultures and with growth it will become even more diverse. We have all seen tragedies unfold in schools across the country and as made evident by the necessity of our bullying policy, the issues of ignorance and intolerance are also alive and well here at home. This is why we must address issues surrounding cultural diversity. Cultural diversity is simply the blending of different cultures – people with different backgrounds, routines, looks, beliefs, styles of dress all coming together to form a community. The challenge is do we continue to stick our head…show more content…
Picture Books
The Twins’ Blanket, by Hyewon Yum
This book is about young Korean girls and its author is Korean as well. It illustrates to young readers that although the girls pictured my look different than they do, the issues and feelings they face are universal.
Cradle Me, by Debbie Slier
This book shows pictures of babies from different American Indian tribes on their cradle boards. It illustrates babies doing baby things while showing attributes of the American Indian culture.
More, More, More Said the Baby, by Vera Williams
This book illustrates warm, loving relationships as three different colored toddlers go about their day.
Illustrated Book for Primary Readers
I Lost My Tooth in Africa, by Penda Diakité
This book shows how fun different cultures and places can be. The author writes about her experience with the tooth fairy when she lost her tooth in Africa. Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same!, by Grace Lin
This book shows the differences between people within the same culture.
Diego Rivera: His World and Ours, by Duncan Tonatiuh
This book is about an artist both in Mexican history and a boy who compares the art to what art might look like in his society today. It shows progression from different time periods within the same culture.
Illustrated Books for Middle Readers
The Composition, by Antonio
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