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Case Study: Brass Taps Campus Pub Topic #1 EDRD 3140DE 2015 Abstract
 The purpose of this case study is to identify the social communication that Brass Taps emphasizes in their organization. Brass Taps is a small campus pub located in the University of Guelph. Being a campus pub, it must facilitate a prominent social atmosphere considering that is not only students that come there, but professors as well. How they communicate and in what way they communicate are of paramount importance. Brass Taps’ student atmosphere provides a comfortable environment for both management and staff to connect. This organization only hires students to work there, allowing management to become extremely close with its staff and be respectful of their…show more content…
Thus, communication is an important precursor to work productivity. Miller (2012) identifies three styles of communication content that are often seen in organizations: task- related, innovation-related, and maintenance-related (which is social communication). How this content is used and portrayed changes with each organization but most theories state that task- related content is the most important and should continue to be implemented. This case study will analyze how social communication is maintained and perfected at Brass Taps by touching on their strict communication and the face-face communication they use to achieve such. Body
 Brass taps implements different practices of social communication styles to help maintain the social relationships within their establishment. As you can see, Appendix A is Brass taps, and Appendix B is a classical organization. Brass taps is very different than most classic organizations. They have free flowing communication; most is face-to-face with partial written (in regards to emailing, scheduling, etc) and a mix between a formal design and an informal design. In most bars and especially in Brass taps, information is spread amongst employees and everyone communicates collectively. However,

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