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EDSE 4440 is a course that provides opportunities for potential educators to implement hands on activities with students at Cunningham Elementary School. Having the opportunity to work with students one on one in a classroom environment setting has been a great learning experience for potential educators. I had the opportunity to work with a 10 year old boy named Sebastian. Sebastian is in 5th grade and has been part of the After School Program for 3 years. Sebastian comes from a latino background culture. He has two siblings, a sister who is 16 years old and a brother who is 11years old. Sebastian’s favorite subjects are writing and art. Sebastian enjoys writing stories about pigs. On the other hand, the areas that Sebastian needs…show more content…
Sebastian was provided with 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. In the 4th grade passage Sebastian read the passage in 1 minute and did not miss words, placing him at an independent level for reading, comprehension, and retelling of the passage. In the 5th grade passage, Sebastian missed two words, he reversed the word “everyone” with “everytime” and the word “with” with “what.” This placed him at independent reading, comprehension and retelling of the passage level in reading. Lastly, in the 6th grade reading passage, Sebastian substituted 4 words and did not read the suffix of -ed for 1 word. Sebastian read “colossal” as “caleal,” “Eldwood’s’ as “Edward’s,” “felt” as “fell,” and “clothing” as “learning.” The word that Sebastian omitted the -ed from was “riled” instead he read it as “rile.” The errors indicated that Sebastian was at an instructional level in reading. In the comprehension questions, he missed 1 question which placed him at an independent reading level. As for retelling the passage, he was also placed at an independent level. Based on the scores of the informal reading passages, I was able to determine what activities would work best for Sebastian. The areas of emphasis were reading, math and writing. When initiating tutoring sections, Sebastian would read his creative writing journal in which he would write stories about pigs. Through these journals, data was collected in order to provide the best area of support for Sebastian. An area of support were suffixes

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