Edu 200 Mock Teacers Application

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Mock Teacher's Application
Nicole Nestor
EDUC 200
July 5, 2015

Mock Teacher's Application 1. I consider myself an enthusiastic instructor; effective at providing quality instruction and fostering a positive and colorful learning environment for all students. I am mature and professional; who adapts to new situations and technologies with ease. Adept at lesson planning and classroom management, able to create fun learning stations for hands on learning. I have a huge passion for the arts, and enjoy spending a great deal of time on arts and crafts, teaching the students through coloring, and painting. Music is also a large part of my teaching; I love to teach my class using rhymes and songs to help grasp a concept or lesson.
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4. Currently in my classroom I teach 5 year olds. They really enjoy stories to open a lesson for the week. They love hands on learning, so we play a lot of letter and number bingo, we play counting games, and create art several times during the week that have to do with our themed lesson. I engage myself with every child, and want every student to be fully interacting with me and the rest of the class. I believe in differentiating instruction, adapting to every child’s need. I also assess each child three times a year, first to see where the class as a whole is in knowledge of letters, numbers, and shapes and colors, then I will assess half way through the year to tell myself how we are doing, and the end of the year to let the parents know our success. 5. I was really interested in the National Art Education Association, this is an organization that helps and assists teacher who choose to teach through visual arts. There are workshops, videos, lesson plans and curriculum all designed and ready for you. This organization helps teachers who want to promote art education, advancing the teachers knowledge in the arts, and is a place for teachers to stay connected to other professionals with the same teaching techniques. For a first year teacher the membership is $85.00, but with this includes: access to outstanding lessons, peer-reviewed for quality, relevance, and rigor through the Instructional Resources Gallery, free

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