Educating Children From Sickness And Disease

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As parents, we must make many decisions when it comes to our children, like what brand of formula is the best or what brand of diaper to use. One of the biggest decisions to make, is whether to vaccinate your child or not. Nothing is more heart breaking than a young life that has been taken by the infection of a killer disease. Children are much more vulnerable to disease because of their weak immune systems. They are weak because they haven’t lived long enough to build up immunities. Going into the medical field, one of the duties would be administering and the education of vaccines. To explain to parents what the vaccine is for and how to protect their children from sickness and disease.
Vaccines are one of the most controversial topic in medicine today. Most new parents take their babies to the doctor to be vaccinated at the recommended times. Over the past many years, there has been several scares concerning the vaccines. Some parents even refuse the vaccines because of the problems. Before parents can make an informed decision, they should know the benefits and the risks with them. Diseases that childhood vaccines are meant to prevent are most likely to occur when a child is very young and the risk of complications are high. That makes early vaccination sometimes the best at birth. If you postpone vaccines until a child is older, it may be too late. In general, skipping vaccines isn 't a good idea. This can leave your child at risks for serious diseases that could
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