Educating Esme : An Autobiography Of Esme Raji Codell 's First Year Of Teaching

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Educating Esmé was a biography about Esmé Raji Codell’s first year of teaching and the experiences she had throughout the year. She describes the many challenges faced when working in a school in a low income area and how it differs from that of a high income area. In addition, she talks about the many teaching styles and problem solving techniques she used in her classroom. Some of her methods she used were creative and could easily grasp the children’s attention, but one example of her style I would never use in my classroom is letting one of the children that repeatedly misbehaves teach the class. As a future high school teacher, I feel as if this particular method would be ineffective because of the age range of the children. However, I look up to her desire to educate children To begin, Educating Esmé is an autobiography of Codell’s first year as a 5th grade teacher in a low-income school district. She talks about the many challenges she faced as a new teacher in a school where the children have a hard life than those with parents who have a higher income. She includes the fact that the children’s hone lives would sometimes spill over into the daily classroom setting. Throughout the book she tries to maintain a positive attitude towards the children, but she does not romanticize the hardships faced, and she does make the reader aware of how much of an emotional toll it takes on a person to teach a class. In addition, it is included of how she had problems with school

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