Educating Exceptionally Talented Students Essay

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Concern for at-risk learners forces the education of high ability learners to take a backseat in traditional classroom. Standard instruction and curriculum based on a pacing and sequencing method does not always allow students to accelerate. By definition, the term “gifted” exemplifies exceptionality often regarding intellect, creativity and leadership. An identification of gifted suggests that an individual requires specialized services and curriculum that are not always addressed by traditional methods of education. High ability learners require a challenging curriculum and specialized educators to prosper academically. The negligence in discharging one’s exceptionality can often lead high-ability learners to foster resentment, boredom …show more content…
Goldring’s assessment of achievement levels between homogenous classes and gifted students with in the traditional classroom concluded that gifted students in separate classes had significantly higher achievement than their gifted peers in a regular classroom setting (as cited in Delcourt et al., 2007, para.13). Research suggests gifted curricula to be veered in facilitating analytic and cognitive development. In a study, third- and fourth grade students in a gifted classroom were compared to gifted students without gifted program services. “ After 1 year, students in the separate classroom had significantly higher scores on a test of analytic ability.”( as cited in Delcourt et al., 2007, para.14) In the areas of subject discipline classrooms for gifted individuals, evidence suggests increased understanding and ability of course material. Outside self-contained classrooms, such as pullout programs, partial homogenous grouping within certain disciplines reveals academic gains for gifted students. Research supports that partially contained classrooms positively influence learning. “When Kulik and Kulik reviewed 25 controlled evaluations of separate class programs for the gifted, 19 studies reported that gifted students had higher levels of achievement when they were taught in classrooms grouped homogeneously by ability.(as cited in Delcourt et al., 2007, para.13)” Traditional classrooms are not differentiated enough
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