Educating Our Own : The Historical Legacy Of Hbcus And Their Relevance For Educating A New Generation Of Leaders

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Date ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIES Albritton, T. J. (2012). Educating our own: The historical legacy of HBCUs and their relevance for educating a new generation of leaders. Albritton Gives readers a brief history of historic higher educational black Institutions better know as (HBCUs) in this publication . Albritton also explains and includes how and why (HBCUs) were established. Albritton explains financing sources and needs after some time, and an examination of statements of purpose. Albritton also considers the pertinence of (HBCUs) here in the present twenty-first century setting. Albritton makes a contention that the instructive open doors HBCUs offer keep on being firmly required in the contemporary U.S. financial and political…show more content…
Gregory, Perry and Rankin also explains that In 1907, African Americans infrequently had different choices for advanced education aside from a general (HBCU) .Furthermore, Gregory, Perry and Rankin states that In 2008, HBCUs are still transcendently African American and flourishing in light of the fact that these organizations are effectively teaching and graduating African-American understudies more so than ever before. According to Gregory, Perry, and Rankin Notwithstanding and now and again ignored, HBCUs are an imperative choice for secondary school African-American understudies look into attending more so today than any other secondary institution. Lastly, Gregory, Perry and Rankin explain how (HBCUs) secondary schools offer advantages minority understudies may some way or another not get if they were to attend a non HBCU; which is why minorities and African American understudies choose to attend HBCUs solely over the option of advantages offered at these HBCUs. BROOKS, F. E., & STARKS, G. L. (2011).HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA. SANTA BARBARA, CA: GREENWOOD. Brooks and Starks makes an important commitment to writing that inspects HBCUs. Brooks and Starks also explains that In a period of budgetary emergencies in advanced education, this book is vital, especially for policymakers and the overall population to better comprehend the requirement for support of such (HBCUs) schools. Furthermore, Brooks and Starks

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