Educating Ourselves Is A Responsibility

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Educating ourselves is a responsibility we have to others. Many of the skills and knowledge we have acquired to this day is through self education. This as a matter of fact, is going out and getting educated by one 's own efforts, especially without formal instruction. It’s important to go out and educate ourselves for the purpose of educating our peers that surround us. Without a more educated environment the world couldn’t move forward. The people and their education are the future of our world. There are millions of ways a human being can go out and educate themselves. One of which those ways is by watching a documentary. This is my preferred choice as I went out and self educated myself. A documentary is a movie or a television or radio program that provides a factual record or report. Many of the people in this world, with our new technology, watch television more than ever before. So why not learn something new while watching? I watched the documentary City Dark. Named, “The Best Professional Documentary” in 2011, at the Real to Reel Film and Video Festival, City Dark has inspired many to take a stand for light pollution. City Dark, directed by Ian Cheney, is very influential and has an effect on viewers after they watch it. It teaches the viewers, lessons about the world and the environment they live in and gets them thinking about what viewers can do to help better themselves along with the place they live in. My experience while watching City Dark was remarkably

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