Educating Patients On Palliative Care

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Educating Patients on Palliative Care Christi Verbick Chamberlain College of Nursing NR224 Fundamentals – Skills Professor Perkins June 07, 2016 Educating Patients on Palliative Care Introduction Palliative care is a service provided by trained medical professionals to provide comfort to the patient that is suffering from a serious illness. Many people do not have a clear understanding of what palliative care is and how it provides relief for the patient, as well as the patient’s family. There is a definite need for education on this topic as well as many other topics concerning patient education and safety. The Joint Commission (2016) launched a Speak Up™ campaign in 2002 and one of the main topics the campaign focuses on is palliative care. The brochure offered is titled What You Need to Know About Your Serious Illness and Palliative Care (The Joint Commission, 2016) and is available for the public to download or print at no cost. The brochure provides useful information on what services are provided and where you can receive those services. It includes other information that is not only beneficial to a patient, but a patient’s family member, or anybody who knows someone that may benefit from palliative care. Summary The very first point the Joint Commission (2016) makes in their brochure on palliative care is to educate the reader on who should seek this type of care. Many people instinctively equate palliative care with death. However, it is a
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