Educating Rita & Belonging

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Educating Rita Question: How is the concept of belonging presented in Educating Rita? Extract One: Act 1 Scene 1 Willy Russell explores the concept of belonging in the first scene of Educating Rita through language and dramatic techniques. It is evident from the moment that Frank and Rita meet that their perceptions of belonging are vastly different. Rita's entrance, "I'm comin' in, aren't I? It's that stupid bleedin' handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed!" shocks both Frank and the audience in her apparent ignorance of social conventions surrounding admission to a university lecturer's office. Her use of slang and contractions of words suggests that she belongs to the working class rather than to Frank's educated class. Her tone…show more content…
However, Rita points out to him that their perceptions of belonging are different because of their different social and personal contexts: "It's little to you who squanders every opportunity and mocks and takes it for granted." He perceives that her new-found belonging is based on a false identity, sarcastically listing the canonical writers' names that she might choose to call herself: "Virginia? […] Or Charlotte? Or Jane? Or Emily?" Thus, both Frank and Rita have changed their perceptions of belonging, which impacts on their relationship. Words from the Syllabus rubric: Acceptance Assumptions Barriers Challenge Connections Constructed Contexts Enrich Identity Perceptions Perspectives Potential Relationships Representations Understanding Vary Words related to Educating Rita: Academic Alienation Bitterness Discontent/discontentment Isolated Liberated Literature Pretentious Snobbery Sophistication Superficial Transformation
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