Educating Rita Essay Into the World

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EDUCATING RITA Significant experiences in people’s lives provide opportunities for growth and development. Going ‘into the world’ means moving from familiar experiences to new horizons. When going from familiar experiences to new ones, obstacles are usually overcome before being totally successful. Individuals might be given advice and/or guided through the transformation to reaching new horizons. Great rewards and opportunities also come about while going through the process of growth and development. The script of Educating Rita, by Willy Russel, about the transformation of a woman going into the world, is great proof for the persuasion of the statement, as well as a visual text from the Sunday telegraph called, Two Boys in Redfern.…show more content…
Similarly in the visual of Two Boys from Redfern, the first boy who has already crossed the barrier is guiding the second boy into the world. He crossed the barrier first and passed to have a look around for “their” next step. He provides the second boy with guidance and the steps in the right direction to go into the world, but the second boy provides him, with the experience of leadership and decision making which is essential when moving into the world. Significant experiences in people’s lives provide opportunities for growth and development. Going into the world might not be a choice due to intangible circumstances. Rita’s dissatisfaction with her life, initiated going into the world. “I tell y’, they’re always on the piss, or on the valium trying to get from one day to the next. They’ll tell y’, they’ve got culture as they’re drinking keg beer from plastic cups.” Rita’s sick of working-class culture, so plain and repetitive as she finds it, so she decides to break the habit and relationships she formed at those times and decides to move into the world. Similarly, the two Boys in Redfern, going into the world, might be their solution for unsatisfied living conditions, two young boys moving into the world on their own, probably unsatisfied living conditions is the cause of their decision with moving into the world they’ll depend on each other providing them with experiences that’ll force them to go through growth and development. Significant experiences in
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