Educating Rita and the Devil Wears Prada Speech Into the World

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The society we live in distorts our own unique desires and goals. When in a workplace or community it puts more pressure and expectation on individuals’ goals, warping them until a point where one identifies what they truly want and breaks the mould and expectations of society to do this. Examining texts such as ‘Educating Rita’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ in addition to my own personal experience will bring forth an understanding of how society affects growing up and transition into new phases of life into a larger world. The text ‘Educating Rita’ is set Britain in the 1970’s, where a woman’s role was to have a family and look after it by staying at home and in the kitchen. The feminist movement started to occur along with the…show more content…
The word ‘bursts’ here has connotations of confidence and her eagerness to learn. She is breaking her social context whereas in scene one she was questioning herself. Rita always purchases new dresses to cheer her up, but now realises she is not content with it. She stresses to Frank that “It’s like me isn’t it? Buying new dresses all the time, isn’t it?” The rhetorical questions and repetition enhance reflection on her learning and aim to move out of the stereotype. ‘In new second hand clothes’ this is symbolic of the ease she has in the middle class and shows juxtaposition of new second hand clothes. This has highlighted how she has changed and matured into the middle class and doesn’t require materialistic needs like a dress to satisfy her depression. Rita in’ Educating Rita’ mirrors the same growth and change as Andrea in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. It is a 2006 film in times where individuals are controlled by the capitalist world and times where pleasing your boss was the only ambition. Andrea is easily manipulated to suit her social context and expectations of her boss. This is shown through the change in her values overtime highlighting her new appreciation for fashion which is negatively affecting her relationships with her friends. Andrea then grows enough to come to realisation that she is controlled by the materialistic needs of fashion influences by the industry. This is shown thought

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