Educating Rita by Willy Russell

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Finding Yourself
Both of the main characters Rita and Frank go on journeys of self-discovery throughout the play. Rita
Rita is a woman of working class background who makes the decision to undertake an English course at Liverpool University in an attempt to “find herself”. Born in a lower class suburb in Liverpool she is a young and married woman. She is unsatisfied with her life as a hairdresser. Rita believes she is trapped in a world where she has no choice, and she is certain that attaining the knowledge she lacks will give her the opportunity to be able to have a choice. She believes that becoming educated is the only way she will be able to get out of her world where she doesn’t think she belongs, unable to chase her goals. Eager for knowledge and very passionate, determined to learn and totally transform her life. At the start of the play she excitedly asks franks when her learning will begin. Rita thinks, when she becomes educated she will be able to find a more meaningful position in life, a nicer job, meet lots of new likewise educated people, to have more interesting conversations were they talk about things that matter, and gain a proper grasp of language and learn to speak…
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