Educating Students And Teachers For A Diverse Educational System

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Neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces are very diverse and school classrooms need to mirror these surroundings. The education system has to prepare its students for a global world in which problem solving, technology, and collaboration is at the center. But how does the education system become more inclusive and acceptable if we do not consider the educational frameworks and who is responsible for those frameworks? My research investigates the frameworks by examining tracking, grouping strategies, and teacher mindsets. I will offer suggestions on how to prepare students and teachers for a diverse educational system.
Tracking is rigid segregation of students into different classes or groups based on their academic performance, ability, and teacher or counselor recommendation. This form of education sometimes locks students into that particular track for their school careers. Tracking has been an acceptable form of education where more resources were allocated to the education of white or high socioeconomic students and less was spent on black, Hispanic, or low socioeconomic students. This further divided America, but in the early 1950s the country’s attention focused on the inequities and mistreatment within the educational system. Because of the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown v. Topeka Kansas the separate but equal doctrine was overturned and now states have the constitutional duty to provide equal educational opportunities in public schools.
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