Educating Students For A Global Society

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The twenty-first century seemed light years away when I was in high school. It feels like we blinked and suddenly we have arrived. With the dawn of this new century, the face of education is changing. We have to prepare students for a global society. Our test scores show that American education reform is not just a want but also a necessity. The diverse communities within our classrooms have forced us to reevaluate best practices to meet the needs of our students. Collaborative teaching is one way to meet the needs of students of all skill levels. Co-teaching allows for differentiated instruction that will meet the needs of ELL students, students of low income families, students with identified learning disabilities, etc. The…show more content…
Instructional collaborative activities allow teachers to align teaching objectives, materials, learning strategies, and assessment so that students can be supported academically in a cohesive manner. Team teaching provides all students access to the general education curriculum and general education. All students need to have access to the mainstream curriculum and assistance through teaching and learning strategies that make concepts understandable. When teachers plan together, they can ensure that the needs of all lessons are presented in a way that will reach students. “Today’s classrooms have many different challenges, and working with a colleague to meet those challenges is far superior to working in isolation, as teachers frequently do” (Dove). Planning together is key to ensuring that all students will have access to the curriculum. That old saying, “two heads are better than one” rings true in collaborative teaching. “Teachers will learn from each other’s expertise and expand the scope of their teaching capacity” (Ferry, 2013). When teachers come together to provide instruction, they have the opportunity to observe good teaching practices. Teachers are often very isolated. They don’t get the opportunity to see other good teachers in action. It is difficult to learn new teaching practices when you are never allowed to observe other classrooms. Team teaching allows us to be able to learn from each other as we progress through
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