Educating Volunteer For 5 Hours

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For a class assignment, we needed to volunteer for 5 hours. We needed to pick a volunteer program that we found interesting and that had faced a social issue that presented itself in the world today. It was hard picking a place to volunteer at because I wanted to pick a place that faced a social issue in today’s world, but I also wanted to pick a topic that sparked my interest when mentioned. I looked through a booklet online filled with volunteer opportunities and I went on the high school’s Student Employment Services to help me find other volunteering choices. After a while of looking at SES’ website, I went back to the booklet online and noticed that there was a volunteering opportunity at the Bruce Museum. I remembered that I volunteered once at the Bruce Museum with my cousins, but I couldn’t remember much of what I did because I volunteered a long time ago. So I thought that this would be a great place for me to volunteer again, and this time I knew I would remember what I did. The Bruce Museum was a great place for me to volunteer, it gave me a great opportunity to talk to some of the artists and really get to know them and their artwork. At first it doesn’t seem like an Arts Festival tackles any real-life social issues, but if you look deeper, you can see that there are some hidden social issues within the organization 's program that they tackle. The organization tackles ideas like artists’ creativity and how they survive in a cut throat world with an unstable job.…
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