Educating the Exceptional Learner Essay

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Valinda Hinkey SPE 226 April 15, 2012 Betty Cokeley Educating the Exceptional Learner Introduction An observation was completed on a 2nd grade student who has two different types of visual disorders. The first disorder is dyslexia and the second disorder is a visual disorder which requires the use of an overhead projector with instructions being written in fluorescent colors. The observation was a math activity which involved counting, identification of colors, simple addition, and graphing Student Strengths The student observed was a young boy in the 2nd grade. This young man actually had a couple of different disorders, one being dyslexia and the other was a different type of visual disorder. Due to this young man’s…show more content…
He will also complete various addition using the skittles provided and complete the sorting/graphing worksheet. He will also compare and contrast the amounts of candy of each color. Introduction: The student will use the scissors provided to open the skittles. He was then advised to choose one he would like to eat and then he will need to wait until the end of the activity before he can eat the remaining candies. The student was given a sorting/graphing worksheet and a question sheet. I then explained that he needed to sort all the candies by color, putting all of the green candies together, the blue together, the yellow together and so on. Procedure: I role modeled or demonstrated what I wanted him to do before advising him to open the bag of skittles. He opened his bag of candy and began sorting the candies by individual colors. He had to be reminded to wait until the end of the activity before he could eat any more of the candies. After the sorting was completed he was advised to color the graphing sheet per number of candies in each color. Once he was done with the sorting we completed some simple math problems such as 1 blue candy plus 3 yellow candies equal how many total candies. He then answered the simple question problems such as how many yellow candies do you have, how many red and yellow candies do you have, etc. Closure/Modifications: Once he had completed the assignment he was able to eat his skittles. The modifications
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