Education : A Common Idea Of Educational Circles

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A common idea in educational circles is that no one pays attention to good classroom management until it is missing. A properly managed room runs smoothly and facilitates learning. However, when classrooms are not managed, for whatever reason, they become chaotic settings where learning is a foreign activity. School is not about what it costs, but what it can brings you. Schooling has an impact on one’s earning, socio-economic status, better access to good health facilities, good opportunities for future generations and a greater sense of civic responsibility. Benefits of education are not limited to obtaining a degree and securing a job, but instead students learn some new knowledge and skills that make them capable of effectively communicating, solving problems, and making decisions. Since the main purpose of school is to impart such skills, there is always debate among educational circles about factors that can maximize or minimize learning in classroom setting. For these reasons, changes to the class size are considered a potential means of changing how much students learn. Class size is not only one of the essential variables that promotes congenial learning environment, but it is one of the simplest variables that can be manipulated for benefits of students. Research evidence also reveals positive impact of class size. Research shows that students in the early grades perform better in small classes especially those who come from a disadvantaged background.
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