Education : A Way Of A Better Life?

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Education: A way to a Better Life?

Imagine that one day someone asked you, “What is one of the most important things to have in one’s life.” Some people might say that it is to have a family, or to have money, or maybe even to have friends. While those may be key things to have to maintain a happy life they are not considered the most essential components to have in life. In all actuality though it has been said that the single most important thing to have in life is an education. The thing about getting an education is that it costs money, and one of the main ways to pay for a higher education in the United States is to take out student loans. Although student loans can be helpful in getting an education they can also be very burdening. Even as student debt is being seen as harmful to several individuals, there are people in the world that are benefitting from the acquiring of this unique type of debt.
The sad reality that we live in is that not everyone in this world is educated. Though there are many reasons for why everyone doesn’t have an education the main reason that stand out is because people do not have to money to pay for school. Sadly since it is extremely hard to provide free education many people will not be able to go to school. This simply cannot go on and people like Lyndon B. Johnson who once said in a speech “poverty must not be a bar to learning; and learning must offer an escape from poverty” would completely agree with that accusation. Though it is…
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