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“The popular notion of what it’s like to teach in urban America is dominated by two extremes” (Michie, 1999, p. xxi). Gregory Michie succeeds admirably in rendering his teaching experiences in the complicated reality between two extremes in his book Holler If You Hear Me: The Education of a Teacher and His Students. Many people hear about the horror stories, portrayed by the media mainly, that schools in urban America are nothing short of chaos; uneducated and uninterested kids. Then there are other stories that are rarely heard of, about the one teacher who makes the difference in such a school. Michie’s account in his book skillfully avoids the simplification either extreme would demand.
Holler if You Hear Me touches on a variety
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146). As I was thinking about this, I wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of seeing this man brought to justice, although in the end he wasn’t. Michie wasn’t even there, but he knew if something wasn’t done, this would affect the way Reggie grew up and viewed life.
It is this kind of dedication that inspires me to keep going to classes and writing papers. I want to help students to see our world in a different light. Joel Spring stated in his book, American Education, “the school will continue to be used in efforts to solve social, political, and economic problems” (Spring, 2004). The purpose of public schooling is to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s problems. It is important not only to teachers and students, but also to the community as a whole. If the communities where these children are being raised see the teachers that teach their kids really do care, the implications are endless. Things could change, especially so for urban American communities. I know these are high hopes, but again, if I don’t set them, how will I even begin to see them through. Being a teacher means I must strive to connect with my students. I have to see beyond my basic responsibilities as a teacher and bring the students to the fore-front of my life. It is the
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