Education And Attend The Anglo European Chiropractic College

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Portfolio Essay Introduction: Over the last couple of years I have been presented with many choices and life changing decisions. One of the most significant was deciding the path that I was going to take towards a future career. After hours of research, many discussions and much deliberation I decided that I wanted to return to education and attend the Anglo European Chiropractic College (AECC) in view of becoming a chiropractor. Because of my previous studies I was accepted to the college as a year two direct entry student. Since beginning the AECC in September 2014, things haven’t been easy; having to adjust to the lifestyle and structure of the college and even adapt to an intense, fast-paced way of learning have presented only some of…show more content…
McBride et al (1994) found that patients considered communication to be one of the top three competencies a physician should possess. Many other studies have supported this statement, amongst others Rainer SB et al (2001). In other words, how you communicate with your patient will have a major impact on how you manage them and their view of you as a healthcare provider. It is extremely important that there is a good rapport with you and the patient so that they are able to trust in your ability to provide the best care and solutions possible. I commenced my learning process by using the personal development plan presented to us by Dr Jones-Harris and Dr Miller (2011). Once establishing the areas I was going to focus on, I used Kolb’s learning cycle to help guide me through the development process. PDP 1: Improve patient history taking with a focus on communication. This is arguably the most important part of a first encounter with a patient. This is the foundation and basis from which the process towards patient treatment can be built upon. In order for your patient to feel comfortable and trust in your abilities to treat them this process needs to be performed correctly and efficiently and as a chiropractor I need to be able to carry this out without hesitation. This is the reason I have chosen it as one of my PDPs. In many instances practitioners believe that diagnosis is revealed in the
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