Education And Education Of Children With Special Needs And Institutional Care Essay

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PROJECT 1 PART ONE: SPECIAL NEEDS PROVISION IN IRELAND THE ROLE OF RELIGIOUS ORDERS IN THE CARE AND EDUCATION OF CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS AND INSTITUTIONAL CARE In Ireland the education of children with special needs has progressed through three phases: neglect and denial, special schools provision and integration and inclusion (Swan, 2000). The national Education system was set up in 1831 making school attendance compulsory but the government did not consider the education of children with special needs necessary. Children with special needs were sent away to hospitals, country homes and other asylums as their needs were seen as purely medical. This neglect led to the establishment of some religious special-run schools. of the state in 1919 to the early 1900s particularly all education and care including the education and care of children with special needs was carried out by the religious orders in Ireland. As a result there was very little to none government policy or legislation and the care and education of children with special needs were left to the discretion of the religious orders. This situation remained the same until the rapid decline of religious orders in Ireland and many of the schools and institutions run by them were taken over by the state. FIRST INSPECTORATE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION (1959) In 1959, the first inspector for special education was established and for the next two and a half decades till the mid eighties, considerable numbers of new special
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