Education And Education : The Importance Of Early Childhood Literacy

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Laramie county is home to 6,727 children under the age of five. These children are the future of an everchanging world, it is essential that they have access to age appropriate books in their homes. The correlation between poverty and illiteracy is extremely profound. Early childhood learning shapes the foundation for future education, and children are falling behind by being under exposed, and are not prepared for kindergarten. Parents are failing to facilitate early learning, and using television as a replacement. The need for raising awareness surrounding the importance of early childhood literacy and access to age appropriate reading material for all children under the age of five that implements a lifelong foundation for a healthy loving relationship with literacy is evident.
Currently, literacy interventions are focused on implementing early interventions when children begin school. However, this is problematic because first, all kids do not attend school, and second this relationship with literacy develops far before kindergarten. Many children are not retaining skills taught to them even when enrolled in school, and participating in interventions. The NAEYC describes “Children’s early reading and writing learning, in other words, is embedded in a larger developing system of oral communication. Early literacy is an emerging set of relationships between reading and writing.” The research shows that engaging with, allowing children to participate in an active story
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