Education And Education : The Importance Of Education

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Growing up in rural Ohio with educators for parents, the importance of education was a value instilled in me from the beginning. Both my parents and my teachers stressed the importance of continuously learning and challenging one’s truths, beliefs, and ideals. My intentions are to continue learning, challenging my beliefs and ideals, engaging research, conducting my own research, and contributing to the field and society in an attempt to influence social change.

When I entered the MPA program at UNCW, I had a specific goal. I wanted to gain the experience and education I needed to work with domestic nonprofit organizations that operated internationally, with a focus on issues of childhood poverty. As a student preparing to enter a doctoral program, my goals have shifted. Throughout the MPA program, I gained a new understanding and appreciation for the field of policy. I found I was ignorant to the severity of domestic inequity and injustice. I began researching and taking courses in sociology and policy, and started familiarizing myself with domestic issues. My Social Stratification professor, Dr. Stephen McNamee, wrote a book entitled, “The Meritocracy Myth,” in which he and his co-author challenged the idea of the “American Dream.” This concept resonated deeply with me and inspired me to begin my research on social and economic obstacles facing rural communities. More specifically, the social stratification that allows for corporate exploitation in rural areas leading to
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