Education And Education : The Power Of Education

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From the moment the eyes of a newborn opens, he begins to learn. He begins to experience all the various aspects the world has to offer. He begins to assimilate the objects he is not yet familiar with: his hands, his fingers, his toes, the face of his mother and father. He sees these strange instruments that will soon play critical roles in his life, and grasping every detail with his developing baby brain and wandering eyes. We have an innate instinct to learn, to bring answers to our endless supply of questions and uncertainties. We strive solve the mysteries in life that are still unknown. It is this instinct that allows mankind to advance so considerably today. Imagine if Albert Einstein skipped physics classes or Thomas Edison holding no interest in engineering at all. What world would we live in today? How would it differ to our educational system now? It is believed that knowledge comes with talent, and there’s a small portion of that statement to be true. Even so, there is an evident disregard of another significant factor to knowledge: the method of teaching and learning. There are those who are granted with a natural ease with learning, understanding new and complex concepts effortlessly. Whether that would be because of an increased familiarity of challenge or an advantageous exposure to a learning environment. Regardless, knowledge will always start at the beginning. It is always gathered by a source: a professor, mentor, or teacher; we are always taught what we
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